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How to include ACQUITY module information in an OpenLynx report - WKB14068

Article number: 14068


Generate an OpenLynx report containing ACQUITY module information.

(Examples of information: total injections on column, maximum column temperature, maximum sample temperature, valve counts, lamp life, flowcell ID, lamp ignitions, pressure, liters pumped, temperatures in the devices, column valve counts)


  • MassLynx
  • OpenLynx / OALogin / Diversity
  • ACQUITY modules (e.g., ACQUITY BSM, ACQUITY SM, ACQUITY Column Manager


  1. Open the OpenLynx / Diversity browser.
  2. Click File > Report Scheme Settings... > Print Control tab.
  3. In the Experimental Report section, click ALL or manually select the system components to be reported.
  4. Save the report scheme with a suitable name.
  5. The sample report will now include the full experimental record as seen viewing the experimental record in the browser via View > Experiment.


If you do not see all of the expected ACQUITY parameters in the experimental record, refer to Not all the ACQUITY inlet method details are in the Experimental Record or printout of inlet method.


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