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Running 996 PDA or 2996 PDA calibration in Windows 7 with MassLynx - WKB13947

Article number: 13947


Run the calibration program for Waters 2996 PDA or Waters 996 PDA when operating with MassLynx and Windows 7.


  • Windows 7
  • MassLynx
  • Waters 2996 PDA Detector
  • Waters 996 PDA Detector


  1. Replace the PDACalib folder with the new version (attached):

    Close MassLynx.
    Browse to and select the PDACalib folder: C:\MassLynx\PDACalib.
    Right-click and select rename.
    Rename the folder (for example, PDACalib_old).
    Copy the new, unzipped PDACalib file into the MassLynx folder (C:\MassLynx).
  2. To access PDA Calibration:

    Browse to the PDACalib folder.
    Right-click the file pdacalib_ni.bat and select “Run as administrator”.
    The PDA Calibration window opens.

  3. Note: if MassLynx / Inlet Editor is open, communications with the PDA will fail.

  4. If a System Error pops up, refer to article #13941 (System Error "Program can’t start because mfc100.dll is missing from your computer").



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