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Import Worksheet - Cannot import files of this type - WKB1279

Article number: 1279


  • Import Worksheet error stating "Cannot import files of this type", when attempting to import a CSV file into MassLynx in order to create a new sample list.
  • File of type setting in the Import Worksheet dialog set to All files (*.*)


  • MassLynx
  • Importing worksheet to make new sample list


Incorrect File of type set in the Import Worksheet dialog.


  1. Specify Comma Delimited (*.CSV, *.TXT) in the Files of Type dialog box.
    MassLynx > File > Import Worksheet > Files of Type (drop-down menu) > change from default "All Files (*.*)" to "Comma Delimited (*.CSV, *.TXT)"
  2. Select the desired CSV file in the "File name:" dialog box.


For the Import Worksheet feature to work correctly, you must set a specific File of Type in the Import Worksheet dialog. This setting tells Masslynx which type of file is being imported and thus which import routine to use. All Files (*.*) does not work because this setting does not specific a file type. It only allows the user to view all file types.

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