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How to request a MassLynx software upgrade - WKB10982

Article number: 10982


Obtain the latest version of MassLynx software.


  • MassLynx


MassLynx software plan customers are entitled to receive an upgrade at no additional charge.

If you want to find out if you already have the latest version, see What's the latest version of MassLynx SCN that supports my MS instrument?

If you want an upgrade and currently have a software plan, use this Upgrade Request Form.

If you do not have a current software plan, contact Waters for a quote. (On the linked page, you might need to change the country setting to your country.)



Every new purchase of new MassLynx software comes with a 12-month software plan.

To link your upgrade request with your software, you need your software support ID. The ID is available on two stickers that shipped with the original software. They are available on your workstation and on your mass spectrometer. If you cannot find the ID number, you can use the serial number of the mass spectrometer that was purchased together with the software.

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