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What do the abbreviations in the Primary Flag field mean? - WKB1004

Article number: 1004


  • MassLynx 4.1
  • TargetLynx


The abbreviations used in the Primary Flag field in the TargetLynx browser are described here:

Primary flag Definition
b Peak starts or ends on the baseline.
d Peak starts or ends on a drop line.
s Peak is a shoulder on another peak.
t Peak starts or ends at the start or end of the trace.
M The peak start or end point was manually altered.
- The peak was manually deleted.
! Flagged peak.
I The response would either give a negative concentration or the calibration equation is not solvable for the given response (indeterminate flag).
X Point was manually excluded from the calibration curve.


For additional information, see the Help topic entitled "Editing detected peaks".

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