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How to display spectra from a particular MS scan along with UV spectra in the Mass Analysis window - WKB60852

Article number: 60852


Welcome back to Get Empowered! In the last Empower tip-of-the-week, we learned how to use a library of MS spectra to identify spectra from unknown peaks via the automated technique.
Today I would like to answer a question which I have received from several readers. If I have collected multiple 3D scans with my QDa how do I display spectra from a particular MS scan along with my UV spectra in the Mass Analysis window?  
Let’s see how it’s done!


  • Empower


  1. We start in the Main Window of Review and see the PDA scan and the 2 MS scans listed in the 3D Channels table.


  1. In the Mass Analysis Window we see the UV spectra and MS spectra from QDa 1 scan.


  1. Go to the Processing Method and select the MS 3D Channel tab.  Towards the bottom of the window you can select which MS scan you would like to use on a peak by peak basis from the 3D Channel Name (Description) field.


  1. Reapply the Method Set and we now see the UV spectra and the MS spectra from QDa 2 scan in the Mass Analysis window.


It’s that easy!


Final Notes

  • This procedure can be followed using the QuickStart or Pro interface. 
  • For information on Empower training please go to and select Empower from the Topic menu. 

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