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Agilent 6890 using front inlet and back detector is showing instrument failure - WKB9157

Article number: 9157


  • When attempting to use the system, an instrument failure occurs
  • Attempting to use the system configured with the front injector and back detector


  • Empower 3
  • Agilent 6890 GC
  • System configured to use front injector and back detector


Both the instrument method and the configuration of the 6890 front panel are configured incorrectly.


  1. The following should be enabled in the Empower Instrument Method when trying to use only the front injector with back detector:
    • Front Injector
    • Front Inlet
    • Column 1
    • Channel 1
    • Back Detector

The source for Channel 1 (Channel 1 tab of Instrument Method) should be Back Detector. If the Instrument Method is configured properly and the system still is not functional, ensure that the front panel of the GC is configured the same as the Instrument Method. Also, ensure that Column 2 is configured to use the Back Inlet. This is necessary even if Column 2 is not in use. 




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