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Which LAC/E32 configurations are supported with Windows 7 and Empower? - WKB9025

Article number: 9025


  • Waters LAC/E32  (LAC/E)


LAC/E32 configurations 12 and up are supported with Windows 7.

Note: The LAC/E32 Config 12 was available from June 2007 to March 2011. It was not base-certified for Windows 7 (only W2000 and XP). However, a post release evaluation was done and the Config 13 image was tested on the  Config 12. 



668000427: LACE #14 Windows 7 Embedded English Software Upgrade Kit.

You can upgrade an LAC/E32 config 12 to run on Windows 7 (Refer to KB article 997 Can I upgrade my LAC/E 32 Configuration 12 to Windows 7).

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