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How does the "Alter Any Project" privilege function in the Empower software? - WKB8479

Article number: 8479


  • Empower 3


Information from Empower 3 Online Help on section "Alter Any Project" states the following:

Modify all project properties (name, quota, access, custom fields, and so on) for a project.

  1. The Alter Any Project privilege is an umbrella or supervisory privilege for projects. It overrides the lack of any of these privileges:
  • Change Project Parent
  • Change Project Owner
  • Change Project Quota
  • Alter Custom Fields
  • Lock Custom Field
  • Create Custom Field
  • Unlock Custom Field
  • Delete Custom Field
  • Alter Project Type
  • Lock Project
  • Unlock Project

2.  For more granular control of project privileges, assign them on an individual basis, rather than assigning the Alter Any Project privilege.


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