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What are some general troubleshooting approaches for Empower custom fields? - WKB80003

Article number: 80003


  • Empower
  • Custom fields


If the custom field is not working after an Empower upgrade:

  • Was the custom field copied correctly, and were all embedded custom fields also copied?
  • Can you check other custom fields that the problem custom field may rely on? Are they working as expected. (Are other custom fields embedded in your custom field?)
  • Can you re-create the custom field in the new Empower version? Does it still not work?
  • Contact GSS for initial troubleshooting. (Provide a backup of the project and details of what the custom field is expected to do.)

If you require help with a new custom field:

  • Break down the calculation into smaller operations.
  • Create custom fields for these smaller operations. Do they work as expected?
  • Can the customer field utilize existing fields?
  • If you require further help creating a custom field, contact Waters sales for a quotation for consultation time with Waters Professional Services.


See WKB72986, WKB69019, WKB2720.

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