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Empower-Result set shows incorrect processing method - WKB7552

Article number: 7552


  • When you view the processing method for a reprocessed result set, you see the wrong processing method has been used


  • Empower 3
  • Result set
  • Background processing window


When you reprocess a result set with "Use Existing Integration" in a project created by cloning or copying a project and choosing to copy the methods, it is possible that a result set displays a processing method that is not related to the original processing method. This happens because the old processing method ID from the copied processing method is inherited in the new project. If you use "use existing integration" and if the project contains a processing method ID equal to the old processing ID, the defect then occurs.


If the defect occurs, recreate the desired method in the new project so that the newly created method gets a newer method ID.


This has been opened as defect PCS 54545. For further details, see the attached link.

Note - If this defect occurs, users either observe a wrong processing method or a wrong processing method version.

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