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Empower 3 : Can't create a new project with copies of methods from another project, error ORA-01536 - WKB6416

Article number: 6416


  • Cannot create a new project with copy of method from another project.

  • In message center of Empower: Oracle Error ORA-01536: space quota exceeded for tablespace 'USER_DATA'


  • Empower


Quota of the new project was too low to store methods of the source project.


  1. Specify a bigger quota for the new project. (Confirm quota of the project from which you want to copy methods.)

  2. Another resolution: Use Shallow Copy of Methods if the project is a Full Audit Trail (FAT) project.

    This option only copies the last version of each method, so methods will take less space.
    To activate this option, go to Configuration Manager, menu View/System Policies...
    In "New Project" tab, select "Allow shallow copies between FAT projects".

    When you create new project or clone a project, select "Perform Shallow Copy of Methods" to copy only the last version of each method (you need to have a user type with "Allow Shallow Copies of FAT Projects" privileges.


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