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Empower control of Agilent HS7697: limitations and considerations - WKB63190

Article number: 63190


  • Empower 
  • ICF 3.0 or 3.1


Dictated by the ICF layer, there are restrictions to Agilent HS7697 operation under Empower control.

  • Abort and Continue is not supported
  • Pause Sample Set is not supported
  • Single-injection mode is not supported, only sample set runs
  • Alter Running Sample is supported in ICF 3.1, but only in low-throughput mode. (Any lines added via Alter Running Sample must be run and cannot be deleted.)


Refer to the release notes for the ICF version in use.

Refer to the release notes of future ICF, to determine if any of these points are addressed.

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