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What is the workflow of an Empower injection from LAC/E to server? - WKB58493

Article number: 58493


  • Empower 3 Base (minimum)


When a user submits a sample set, a folder is created on the LAC/E where data is stored as the injections run.
The folder is in the Empower\Instrumentserver directory, with subdirectories of the System Name\Project Name.  

Inside the folder is the data (.dat) file for the entire sample set and the individual data (.dat) files for the injections.
The database information that is updated to the database is in the samplesetxxxxx.dat file, with the injections in the dxxxxx.dat files.
When an injection is about to run, a dxxxx.dat file is created with 1 kb. This dat file is then appended with data as the injection runs.
When the injection is complete, the dat file is uploaded to the file server, and the sample set continues to the next injection.

When all injections are complete, the samplesetxxxxx.dat is uploaded to the database.

If the LAC/E loses connection with the server, the dat files are created with d-2xxxxxxxxx.dat and stay on the LAC/E until the connection with the server
is reestablished. The instrumentserver service tries every 10 minutes to check the status of the server, and it recovers all the data
when connection is reestablished. The recover.log details the recovery.



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