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How do I quantitate unknown peaks in a chromatogram in Empower? - WKB5804

Article number: 5804


Quantitating unknown peaks in a chromatogram using a calibration of another peak in Empower 3.


  • Empower 3


  1. On the Component tab of the processing method, select the "Default Pk" check box to quantitate unknown peaks in the chromatogram. Specify a default peak to calculate amounts or concentrations for a chromatogram's unknown peaks.
    When selected, the software uses the calibration curve of this component to quantitate unknown peaks. 

  2. When you select Default Pk, in the Default Pk Start and End fields, you can define the start and end of the range in which the default peak is active.
    You can specify multiple peaks to use as default peaks. The start and end time ranges of multiple default peaks must not overlap.

  3. Note that an unknown peak quantitated using a Default Pk also has its Relative RT calculated. To calculate Relative RT for unknown peaks, specify one of the components in the chromatogram as a Default Pk with a time range that includes all the unknown peaks. Using this method, the unknown peaks have their relative retention time calculated using the retention time of the specified Default Pk. Unknown peaks also have their amounts and concentrations calculated using the calibration curve from the Default Pk.




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