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What are the ports required in Empower Enterprise ? - WKB5512

Article number: 5512


  • Empower 2
  • Empower 3
  • Enterprise


 See the Waters Informatics Infrastructure Reference Guide (715004286). Revision G lists the ports on page 6.


The referenced document provides information for all of the Waters Informatics software products, including Empower, NuGenesis, UNIFI, and Paradigm. Note that the information in the Infrastructure Reference Guide is out-of-date for the NuGenesis versions 8 and 9. Refer to the articles "What are the required ports for NuGenesis 8?" and "What are the required ports for NuGenesis 9?" for the complete list of network ports used in NuGenesis.

This document, published November 2016, covers Empower 3 versions through Feature Release 4.

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