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How can I tell if my Agilent G models or systems are supported in Empower? - WKB52410

Article number: 52410


  • Empower 
  • Agilent instruments
  • Firmware
  • Support / Compatible


  1. Determine which instrument control framework (ICF) version is installed to control the Agilent system (go to Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features > Add/Remove programs).
  2. Review the release notes for the ICF/driver version obtained in Step 1. (Search at for the release notes.)
  3. Search for the G model in the release notes.


  • In the release notes, we publish what we find in the Agilent Software Bulletin.

For example: Support for G7102B on Agilent instrument control framework (ICF) A.02.05  is not listed in the Bulletin (the code for that model does not appear with that driver), so Empower does not list it. 

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