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Can users that were removed from Empower be used again? - WKB52408

Article number: 52408


  • Empower 3




Right-click on the user and choose Properties. You can change the Account Status.


Here, from Empower Help, is information on deleting users:

Deleting and disabling user accounts
Pro > Configure System > Configuration Manager > Configuration tree > Users > User table 
The number of Empower licenses you purchased determines the maximum number of active and disabled user accounts you can maintain within the Empower database. If the Enforce Unique User Account Names system policy is not enabled, deleting a user removes the user's name from the database and from all user groups to which the user was assigned. Disabling a user account deactivates the account so that the user cannot log into Empower. If you delete a user and the Enforce Unique User Account Names system policy is enabled, Removed appears in the Status column of the user table. If you disable a user, Disabled appears in the Status column of the User table. 
Requirement: Delete Users privilege

Tip: A System Administrator can reactivate user accounts as needed. For example, if a user is on extended leave, you can disable the user's account for a period of time, and then reactivate it when the user returns to work. If a user terminates employment, you can delete the account, and then reactivate it if the user is ever rehired. When a user exceeds the number of log in attempts specified by the system policy that limits the number of entry attempts, the system automatically disables the user's account and a System Administrator must restore the user's account status to Active.

To delete a user account:
1.    In the User table, right-click a user name (or select multiple users), and then click Delete. 
Restriction: You cannot delete the System user from the database; it is a permanent user.
2.    When prompted to confirm the action, click Yes or Yes to All if deleting multiple user accounts simultaneously. 

To disable a user account:
1.    In the User table, right-click a user name, and then click Properties. 
2.    On the General tab of the user properties dialog box, change the account status from Active to Disabled, and then click OK.

Tip: If the number of user accounts with a status of Active or Disabled exceeds the number of licenses installed, you can change the status of a user to Removed. This status will delete the user account from the current database rather than just deactivating it. However, a System Administrator can activate a disabled or removed user account later on if desired.
3.    Supply a comment and/or a password, if required, and then click OK. 

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