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What version of Microsoft .NET Framework is required for ICF Support v3.0? - WKB48362

Article number: 48362


  • ICF Support v3.0
  • ICF Support v3.1
  • ICF Support v3.2


 All  three ICF Support versions  require a minimum Microsoft .NET Framework v4.6.2 ( highest version should not be more than 4.7.2)


 There have been reported cases where Plug-In Server crashes when clicking on the Console or when   opening or editing the instrument method. This is  because .NET framework did not update. In this case we recommend that you download this or a higher version of .NET from the Microsoft website and then reinstall the ICF

Agilent Instrument Control Framework (ICF) Support Version 3.0 Release Notes - In the Release Notes, it states under PCS 55501, that "Agilent ICF support v3.0 supports Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and will install it if needed." There is a Document Defect, PCS 56562, that states that the version that PCS 55501 should state is 4.6.2, such that it reads, "Agilent ICF support v3.0 supports Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 and will install it if needed."


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