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What does the option "Lock channels after signoff" mean? - WKB463

Article number: 463


  • Empower 3


During signoff in Preview Publisher, the selection of this check box means that the channels will be locked. The channels cannot be reprocessed in review. The channel data can be brought into review and processed, but the result cannot be saved.


This information can be found in the Empower 3 help section under Signing Off Results.

This option is enabled in System Policies under the Result Sign Off tab.

Regarding audit records for this process: the locked channel represents raw data, so if you look at the audit records specific to the channel that is locked (right click, view as,     audit records), you will find the locked channel entry but no entry for the sign off.  Likewise,  if you look at the audit record specific to the result, you will find the sign off entry     but not the locked channel entry, since this is processed data, not raw lockable data.  If you simply click on the tab for the Audit Trail (not using view as), then you will find     both the locked channel and sign off entries together.

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