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Error: "Calibration plot group contains no data" when selecting a report method in Empower - WKB4524

Article number: 4524


  • When selecting a report method for a result set, receiving the following error: "Calibration plot group contains no data".


  • Empower 1, 2.
  • Empower 3.


Addressed in PCS #40162.


  1. Addressed in PCS #40162
The following defect was reported: When a result set containing four calibration curves is taken into Report, the report consists of five pages instead of four. In Empower (1154), the fifth page has a duplication of one of the component calibration plots, but with no extra Calibration point table; whereas in Empower 2, the fifth page simply states "Calibration Plot group contains no data". The report method consists of a single group including a Calibration Plot and a Calibration Point table. When this group is un-grouped, the duplication does not occur.
The processing method utilizes traditional integration with Minimum Area and Minimum Height both set to 0. Further, if the result set is processed with a processing method where the Minimum Area is set to >2000 or the Minimum height is set to >5000, the report method does not duplicate a Calibration Plot.


First thing, inspect the Component Editor in Empower by right-clicking Sample set > Alter Sample > Edit > Amounts to ensure that the amounts are there.

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