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Dissolved Amount and Dissolved Percent are blank after processing dissolution data in Empower - WKB4057

Article number: 4057


  • Sample Set is processed and the Dissolved Amount and Dissolved Percent both remain blank.


  • Empower 3
  • Dissolution Option


  • The Sample Set Method does not have Compute Dissolution as a function after the last injection.
  • The Bath A or Bath B Component doesn't match a component name in the processing method.


  • Add Compute Dissolution after the last injection of the Sample Set Method and reprocess the data.
  • Ensure that the processing method component name matches the component name in the sample set method.
    • Select the Sample Set and click on the Alter Sample tool
    • From the menu, select Edit > Dissolution
    • Confirm that Bath A and Bath B component names match the component names in the processing method exactly (no extra spaces at beginning or end of name)
    • Fix sample set or processing method so that names match and reprocess the data


  • When making Sample Set Methods for dissolution analysis, you must use the Sample Set Wizard for the method to work properly.
  • Dissolution peak results are calculated only when a dissolution sample set is processed in the background.
  • Amount Dissolved = Peak Amount × V + Removed Total
  • Percent Dissolved = (Amount Dissolved / Claimed Amount) × 100

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