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Error: Printer LAN IP conflict, change to alternate IP address in Empower - WKB3910

Article number: 3910


  • Printer LAN IP conflict, change to alternate IP address error observed in the ACQUITY console


  • Empower 3 Workstation
  • ACQUITY H-Class


Printer is configured to use the Instrument LAN default IP address of


  1. Power-off all instruments.
  2. Change the Instrument LAN IP to the alternate from the Configuration Manager.
    1. Select the Node, right-click, and select Properties.
    2. Go to the Configure DHCP tab and click Configure DHCP.
    3. Select Server > Configuration Wizard > Instrument LAN card, and click Next.
    4. Select Alternate IP Address ( and click Next.
    5. Click Finish and allow the computer to restart.
  3. Allow the Operating System to fully initialize and do not open Empower.
  4. Power-on instruments starting with the instrument that has the built-in hub (Sample Manager) and wait until it completes and goes to idle. The unit should populate in the DHCP Server window.
  5. Power-on the pump. When it completes the start-up and populates, you can turn on the detector.
  6. After all modules have completed the start-up diagnostics and have populated in the DHCP, log into Empower.
  7. Run as usual.



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