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How to create a view filter in Empower - WKB3591

Article number: 3591


Create a view filter in Empower for System Audit Trail, Projects, and other selections


  • Empower software


  1. From the page you want to create a view filter for, click this button .
  2. The View Filter Editor appears (see below).
  3. In the View Filter Editor, you can specify the table or choose from one of the drop-down lists (depending on the field) to select what you want to filter by.
  4. Another option: you can click this button  to use the View Filter Wizard. (The View Filter Wizard walks through the creation of the filter and is useful for views that include conditions.)
  5. Once you add the fields you want to the filter, choose File save to save the view filter.
  6. Choose File exit to go back to your original screen.
  7. Once a filter has been created, you can choose that filter from this drop-down box to apply it.  


Putting two filter conditions in the same row indicates an "AND" condition; putting the filter conditions in two rows indicates an "OR" condition.

Enter a =# to create a Just in Time (JIT) view filter that will prompt you for search criteria for that specific field on the fly

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