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Does Empower use the injection volume from Instrument Method or Sample Set Method in Agilent LC? - WKB3337

Article number: 3337


  • Empower 3 Service Release 2 (SR2)
  • Agilent 1100, models G1314A, G1311A, G1329A, G1316A


In Empower, the Sample Set Method overrides whatever volume was incorporated into the Instrument Method.


In Empower, the injection volume field setting is set via the sample set method. However, when Agilent ICF is installed, in the instrument method, there is now an option for the injection volume to be set here, too. Even though there is now an additional place to set the injection volume with the Agilent ICF, the injection volume function in Empower remains the same. It is controlled by the sample set method. Therefore, the sample set method overrides whatever volume was incorporated into the instrument method.

PCS# 55396 was logged in to disable the injection volume field in the Instrument Method with Agilent ICF./p>


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