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How to restore projects in Empower - WKB31297

Article number: 31297


Restore projects into Empower.


  • Empower


  1. To restore a project, log in to Empower software using an account with the Restore Projects privilege.
  2. Click on Configure the system.
  3. Click on File > Restore project(s).
  4. From the Restore Project(s) wizard Start Software page, select the directory that contains your backed up project files. Tip: If the directory contains single project backup files, the project is restored. If the directory contains multiple backed up project files, the software batch restores the backed up project files. Click Next.
  5. From the Restore Project(s) wizard Project Details page, select a name for the project (for a single restore only). If desired, select a new project parent. Select Next.
  6. The wizard begins. When prompted, select "OK" for restored project needs to be updated to next point revision.
  7. Select Finish.


After restoring any project the access level is set to the default which is Owner only

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