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How many Agilent GCs are supported per LAC/E32 when using ICF 3.0 and Empower 3? - WKB29818

Article number: 29818


  • Empower 3
  • Instrument Control Framework 3.0
  • Agilent 7890 GC
  • Agilent 7820 GC


The initial release of ICF v3.0 supported one Agilent 7890 GC or one 7820 GC per LAC/E32 node. This is documented in the ICF Support v3.0 release notes as PCS#55693.

Even with the release of Agilent Instrument Control Framework (ICF) Update A.02.05, PCS#55693 is still NOT addressed, even though the release announcement stated it was. We since learned that the fix was not implemented in time for the A.02.05 release (accordingly, the PCS is not documented as fixed in the ICF Update A.02.05 release notes). This PCS will be addressed with the release of Agilent ICF Support v3.1, which will allow for more than one Agilent GC per LAC/E32 node.


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