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Web licensing error: Maximum Licenses Already Activated. Licenses Available: 0 - WKB2909

Article number: 2909


  • Error message "Maximum Licenses Already Activated.  Licenses Available: 0" when trying to activate a multi-database license on a server
  • Same license was successfully activated on four other databases
  • Installation Profile (Database ID) on the database exhibiting the error is the same as on one of the other databases for which the license was successfully installed


  • Empower 3 Enterprise
  • Cloned database
  •  The DB schema was brought over from the old server, when the new DB was created


This license has already been activated on this database with the same database ID. 

A database whose database ID is stored in a table in Oracle was cloned, resulting in the database ID being copied over into the new instance of Empower. When activating the multi-database license, because the database ID is not unique, the licensing program "thinks" that the license is already active on that database.



  1. Clone a database that does not have a database ID in the Oracle table.
    • Pre Empower 3 FR3: Clone a database that never had a license activated.
    • Empower 3 FR3: Clone a database that never had a license activated, or clone a database that had all licenses deactivated, resulting in the database ID being cleared. out.


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