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What are upgrade considerations to Empower 3 FR3? - WKB2452

Article number: 2452


  • Empower 3 FR3


There are two different upgrade considerations: in place upgrade or system object export/import.

Restriction: In-place upgrades from previous versions of Empower software (like Empower 1154 and Empower 2) are not
available. In-place upgrades are available from the following versions directly to Empower 3 FR3:

• Empower 3 Feature Release 2 (FR2)
• Empower 3 FR2 Hotfix 1
• Empower 3 Service Release 2 (SR2)
• Empower 3 SR2 Hotfix 1
• Empower 3 SR2 Hotfix 2

However, system object exports are available from Empower 2 FR5 on. This is performed using the export utility.
A system object export captures most objects from within Configuration Manager, such as chromatographic systems, users, user groups, libraries, and so on.
Note: Projects and licenses are not included in the system object export.


What is written in E3 FR3 Installation guide 715005081ra (page 75) is incorrect.

Empower 3 (Feature Release 3) Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide - see page 16 onward for hardware and software requirements

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