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Vial mismatch error with GC Headspace and/or inability to alter running sample with Headspace using Empower - WKB2419

Article number: 2419


  • Vial mismatch error when starting sample set using GC Headspace wizard


  • Empower
  • Headspace Control Option


Need to ensure the vials injected in the sample set match the vial parameters for the Headspace instrument method. This is true for any Headspace models.


  1. Example. If you have samples loaded in the sampler, vial locations 5 through 10. Check that the samples in sample set are inserted as 5 through 10 and also the instrument method for the Headspace should have the vial range set 5 to 10
  2. Ensure your customer does not use alter running sample because of this exact reason


See article WKB97285 on Headspace GC sample preparation

See related article WKB97026 on GC sample injection.

See article WKB62833 on Split injection technique

See article WKB62831 on Splitless injection technique

See article WKB62933 on PTV injection technique

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