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Why is the injection date-acquired time off by an hour in Empower 3? - WKB22564

Article number: 22564


  • Windows 2012 R2 Server


The server goes through a time sync, adjusting the time forward by 60 minutes and then backwards by 60 minutes. It then settles on the correct time. The message in the event viewer is "Change Reason: System time synchronized with hardware clock".

The date and time for the injections comes from the server, unless the LAC/E is in buffering mode, in which case it comes from the LAC/E. The request for the injection date and time was made at the exact moment the server was changing the time. This is why it's off by 60 minutes. This should be a rare occurrence.  

The customer's IT department should check the battery on the motherboard of the server. 


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