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Agilent LC, GC, and/or headspace control panels do not display in the Empower Run Samples screen under ICF v3.0 control - WKB22453

Article number: 22453


  • Control panels for the LC, GC, and/or headspace are blank, missing, or not displayed properly in the Empower Run Samples window when using ICF Support v3.0


  • Empower 3
  • ICF Support v3.0
  • LAC/E32


This is a documented known issue when running Agilent GCs and/or headspace instruments under ICF support v3.0. (PCS#56149).


  1. Review the ICF Support v3.0 Release Notes.
  2. If the control panel in Run Samples or QuickStart is blank, or if you have difficulty connecting the
    instrument system to Run Samples, check the COM Security settings.
    Solution: Verify that Everyone or Authenticated Users are added and granted Local and Remote Access
    by following this procedure:
    • In Component Services > Computers > Properties > COM Security > Access
    Permission, select the Allow check box for Local Access and Remote Access.
    • In Component Services > Computers > Properties > COM Security > Launch and
    Activation Permissions, select Everyone in the Group or user names text box, and then
    select Allow for Local Launch, Remote Launch, Local Activation, and Remote Activation
    Permissions for Everyone.
  3. You may need to reboot.

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