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What instruments and devices are supported in Empower 3? - WKB2129

Article number: 2129


  • Empower 3
  • Supported instruments and devices
  • Instrument control


For a full list of instruments that can be controlled by Empower 3, see the attachment below.


Empower 3 Instrument Control List.pdf

Empower 3 (Feature Release 4) Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide - 715005266 under Instruments no longer supported

This list of instruments is not exhaustive, and does not include those instrument that can controlled via eSAT/IN boxes such as third party detectors.

Note that the driver version listed for the Waters 25x5 Quaternary Gradient Module is incorrect in the attached document, it is installed using:

Kit Part# 667003486 - ICS., S/W, 2535, 2545, & 2555 QGM v1.10, and the included disk is part# 667003485.


Edit: 07JUN2019 - The 2432 Conductivity detector is supported on both Empower and Windows 10

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