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When restoring a project from Empower 2 to Empower 3, there is an error message, ORA 01449, and the project will not restore - WKB21251

Article number: 21251


  • Cannot restore an Empower 2 project into Empower 3
  • Full error message: ORA 01449 - Column contains NULL values, cannot alter to NOT NULL
  • Project restores back into Empower 2 without any issues


  • Empower 2
  • Empower 3
  • Enterprise


There is a defect with PCS number 51753.  In the injection tab of the project table, there are several injections that have a blank cell for the Vial ID.  These blank (null) fields cause the error.


Restore the project into Empower 2 again and delete the injections that contain the null values. The project can then be restored into Empower 3.


When searching for the null fields in the project window, ensure that Max Rows at the top of the table is set to 10,000 and that all of the injections for the project are searched.   

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