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How do I delete and recreate systems when there is a communication or instrument failure for my Ethernet and IEEE instruments? - WKB2121

Article number: 2121


Delete and recreate chromatographic systems when there is a communication or instrument failure for Ethernet and IEEE instruments


  • Empower 2
  • Empower 3
  • Waters Ethernet and IEEE instruments


  1. First identify which instrument is IEEE and which ones use Ethernet. To find this:
    1. Look in the back of instruments to check the connection or
    2. Go to Configure System in Empower > Configuration Manager > click on Nodes > Highlight the Node Name and right click on Properties > Under the Instruments tab all instruments will be listed. Click on Configure DHCP tab , then the little icon Configure DHCP, the ones that are listed under the Configure DHCP window will be Ethernet only.
  2. Go to Configuration Manager > Systems.  Select your Chromatographic systems--> right-click and choose export to text. This will provide documentation of the systems before deleting it.
  3. Once you save the export to text of each chromatographic systems on that Lace or Computer, go ahead and right click and delete the system(s)
  4. Go to Nodes, find the node, right-click and choose properties.
  5. Go to Configure DHCP tab, click on Configure DHCP, screen capture and save.  Highlight system(s) and delete.
  6. Go to Instrument Tab of the same Node Properties and remove all instruments in list by highlighting one at a time and then clicking on "Remove Instrument"
  7. Log out of Empower and close all open windows, then reboot Lace or Computer
  8. After logging in to Windows go to C:\Empower\instrumentServer\instsrv.dat and delete file ( Please note that deleting the instsrv.dat file will delete all system configurations on the node)
  9. Shutdown the Lace or computer and instruments and start up in correct order which means IEEE need to be booted up first, then the lace or computer then the Ethernet instruments
  10. Login to Empower and go to Empower Nodes Properties. Wait till the components are back in Configure DHCP window, then check the Instruments tab , under OK? , all should say Yes
  11. Recreate systems by going to Configuration Manager click on File >New > Chromatographic system and create system with same name and configuration as before.





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