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Why does Verify Incomplete Data not work in all cases? - WKB20865

Article number: 20865


  • Empower 2 FR5
  • Empower 3 Base and above


Channels that were completed in Review become incomplete again when an integrity check is run on the project, if the being-acquired flags were not cleared at the end of the acquisition.



Normally, when a data file is closed after acquisition, its checksum is calculated and its being-acquired flag is cleared. Also, its incomplete flag is set if there was a bus-LAC/E communication error during the acquisition.  

In Review, a data file that is no longer being acquired because it is not open for write is labeled as Incomplete if its incomplete flag is set or if it has a bad checksum. If there is a bad checksum, an error message is written to the message board when Review or another application attempts to read the data file. 

Currently, when the data file is verified as complete, its checksum is updated and its incomplete flag is cleared, but its being-acquired flag is not cleared. The being-acquired flag should also be cleared.

During backup or restore, when an integrity check is performed on a data file where the being-acquired flag is not cleared, the incomplete flag is set and the being-acquired flag is cleared. This happens because if you were to back up a data file that is currently being acquired, the resulting data file in the backup directory is an incomplete file that is no longer being acquired.

A previously completed data file will be recorded as an Incomplete file in the integrity check results.

There is no risk because there is no loss of data, just the annoying need to verify the data again. Because the data is incomplete, calculations that use the data are suspect.  
The defect always existed in Empower 2, but we did not give people the option to verify the data.

Calculations based on incomplete data are suspect, and users must verify the data in Review before they accept the calculations. Customers should follow their own SOP in verifying the calculations.

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