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What versions of Instrument Control Software drivers are supported with Windows 10? - WKB20510

Article number: 20510


  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Empower 3 FR4 and above
  • MassLynx


Here is the current status of driver support for Windows 10 in Empower 3 (FR4 and above) and MassLynx:

For Waters ACQUITY and other ICS-based modules: Use Driver Pack 2018 R1 or Waters Driver Pack 2019 R1 for Windows 10 compatibility.

For Agilent LC:  Waters ICF Support v2.2 was not tested on Windows 10. ICF Support v3.0 and v3.1 are tested and are compatible with Windows 10.

For Agilent GC and HS:  The ICF 3.0 is compatible with Windows 10.

Thermo/Dionex:  Dionex Instrument Integration (DII/SII) for Empower Software is compatible with Windows 10 for LC only.

All other drivers, such as Beckman, Shimadzu LC/GC, Hitachi LC, and Metrohm IC, are currently being tested by their own companies.


Refer to the Installation and Configuration Guides for the Instrument Control Software driver packs and for the Empower software for details related to the Windows version(s) supported.

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