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Getting 'chrom map view of file failed' error when processing 3D data - WKB1677

Article number: 1677


  • "Background processing due to memory allocation failure" error when processing 3D PDA data
  • "Chrom map of view file failed - not enough storage is available to process this command" error when processing 3D PDA data
  • Processing 2D data works fine


  • Empower 3 SR1 FR2
  • PDA
  • 3D data


  • Memory leak when dealing with a large amount of 3D data. Created PCS 54642 for this issue.


  1. No resolution at this time - created PCS for this memory leak issue.


The following are some suggestions you could try to see if the amount of 3D data can be decreased:

1. Increase project free tablespace.

2. Increase the page file virtual memory of the node to 4X RAM for FR3 and above.

3. Reduce the sampling rate of the detector in the instrument method.

4. Reduce the run time.

5. Reduce the number of samples in the sample set.

6. Reduce the number of channels being derived.


Also see PCS 48823



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