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What does "Oracle Error ORA-01805" indicate? - WKB16369

Article number: 16369


  • Empower client generates Message Center error: Oracle Error ORA-01805: possible error in date/time operation
  • Strange or weird date time stamps are seen for acquired data


  • Empower 3 FR2, FR3, FR4, FR5


Oracle is attempting to reference LAC/E32 (acquisition server) installed Oracle timezone files that are missing, corrupted, or mismatched with the server timezone files. This is seen during buffering when time stamps are being referenced from the LAC/E32 instead of the Empower database server.


  1. Replace, copy or add in the missing or corrupted files from another client.


Empower FR2 and FR3 have two sets of 14 timezone .dat files by default when installed from the Empower DVD.  

FR4 has two sets of 18 timezone .dat files by default.

FR5 has 31 timezone.dat files by default. Sometimes Oracle admins will add additional newer time zone files into the Empower database server released by Oracle to accommodate time zone changes made by different countries or states. The same files need to be added to all of the LAC/E32s or acquisition clients that are on the Empower database server or you will see strange or weird time stamps when buffering occurs.


Example of where Oracle client timezone files are found on a LAC/E32 or acquisition server client



Example of where Oracle client timezone files are found on an Empower database server:




Example of where Oracle client timezone files are found on a personal workstation:



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