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Are the ZQ2000 and ZQ4000 supported in Empower 3 on Windows 7? - WKB1555

Article number: 1555


  • ZQ2000
  • ZQ4000
  • Empower 3
  • Windows 7


The ZQ2000 and ZQ4000 are not supported in Empower 3 on Windows 7, only Windows XP.

Empower 3 Workstation is supported only on Windows 7, but Empower 3 Acquisition Clients and LAC/Es are supported on Windows XP (pre FR-3).

Thus, the ZQ is supported on Empower 3 Acquisition Clients (pre FR-3) on Windows XP—make sure that the Waters Service is not running. The ZQ is not supported on a LAC/E box.


Empower 3 FR-3 is supported only on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. It is not supported in any manner on Windows XP.

See the installation and configuration guide: Empower Installation, Configuration and Upgrade Guide, Rev D.

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