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The Empower Analytics Viewer reports two entries for the same month - WKB13301

Article number: 13301


  • When reporting the Total Runtime by System by Month or the Total Number of Injections by System by Month, the Empower Analytics Viewer sometimes displays two entries for a system for the same month.


  • Empower 3


This behavior occurs when a sample set runs across more than one day. The first entry reports injections made during the first day of the sample set run. If the sample set run continues beyond 23:59 of the day the run starts, the second entry reports injections made on subsequent days of the run. This behavior does not occur if another sample set is started on the same day that a previous sample set ended. In these cases, Empower includes all injections made on the last day of the sample set in the first entry.


  1. PCS 52653


To determine the total run time or the total number of injections for a system in a particular month, add the values from both report entries for the system.


PCS# 52653 is posted to the Waters website, and it has not been fixed for Empower 3 FR4. This has also now been reported as CRI-1425

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