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Recommendations for Empower Enterprise deployment in a Wide Area Network (WAN) - WKB13163

Article number: 13163


  • Empower Enterprise
  • Wide Area Networks (WANs)


Guidelines for Empower global WAN deployments:

·    Empower Database and Citrix Servers should reside in the same data center
·    a DNS server should be accessible to the LACE for quick domain name resolution and domain authentication
·    local TNSNAMES.ora file should be used in place of a global TNS_ADMIN variable
·    consolidated Empower licenses to reduce the number of entries

Wide Area Network parameters:
·    Bandwidth - ensure sufficient network bandwidth is available to support all Empower traffic as well as any other network traffic within the same network.
·    Latency - 200 ms maximum latency (spikes will cause performance degradation)
·    Packet loss - any packet loss will cause significant performance degradation
·    WAN optimizers - we do not support the use of WAN optimizers and if they are in use, all Empower network traffic should be excluded

NOTE: these parameters have not been evaluated for instrument control and data acquisition.


This guidance is published as a Tech Note on the Waters Support site as TECN134947975 - Guidance for deploying Empower in a Wide Area Network

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