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How to create a side-by-side report in Empower - WKB12889

Article number: 12889


Create a report that displays summary tables side by side.


  • Empower 3


  1. Select the desired results.
  2. Right-click the highlighted rows and select Preview Publisher.
  3. Select "Use the currently open Report Method named Untitled".
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select the desired table from the tree on the left and double-click to add it to the report.
  6. Repeat for the second table or chromatogram.
  7. Click the first table or chromatogram to select it.
  8. Place your mouse on the drag point at any corner and drag inward to resize.
  9. Repeat for the second table or chromatogram.
  10. Click the second table and drag the resized table to the right side of the first table as shown.
  11. Click Preview.
  12. Click Close to return to the Report Publisher page.
  13. Draw a box around the two pieces, right-click, and select group.
  14. Click Preview to view the change.
  15. Save Report.


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