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Why are IDs not always sequential in Empower? - WKB1181

Article number: 1181


  • Millennium
  • Empower
  • Empower 2
  • Empower 3


All of the IDs are assigned from a single pool of numbers and whenever any of the ID fields require a number, it comes from this pool. So, the assignment of IDs for a single injection would proceed similar to the following:

1. Vial ID

2. Injection ID

3. Channel ID

4. Result ID (if in Run & Process mode)

If a set of ID numbers is sequential, it is probably the result of a batch of results or calibration curves being generated (and nothing else occurring at that time). It is often hard to predict how it is going to be assigned, because it depends on the action or actions being performed.

The ID numbers are always unique within a project, and are always assigned in an increasing order, if not always sequentially.


Please find further information on our website on How are Millennium32 field IDs assigned?

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