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"Unable to connect to remote server" in message center - WKB11680

Article number: 11680


  • "Unable to connect to a remote server" error message occurs in the message center every three seconds after powering-off a 7890 GC
  • If the GC is powered-on, the error messages disappears


  • Agilent 7890 GC
  • Empower
  • Client server environment
  • ICF 3.0 (Will appear in Event Logs)


There is an open PCS for this issue, PCS 47491 regarding "Unable to connect to the remote server" error message appearing when 7890 GC is powered-off. After a sample run, the error message "Unable to connect to the remote server" may appear in the Message Center or in Event logs (only for ICF 3.0) if you power-down the 7890 GC before taking the GC system offline. 


  1. PCS 47491 is open and under investigation. The work-around is to take the GC system offline before powering-down the 7890 GC. 
  2. PCS 54683 reported with E3SR2HF2 with 7890 ICS v2.6 is proposed to be fixed in Agilent ICF Support v3.0.


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