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User abort of a running sample set is not recorded in the Empower project audit trail - WKB11374

Article number: 11374


  • A user abort of a sample set is not recorded in the project audit trail


  • All Empower releases up to and including Empower 3 FR4


The user selects the Alter Running Sample function and waits for the injection to complete. When the injection completes, Empower displays the "Paused for Alter Running Sample" message. The user then presses Abort Now. The Abort event is not recorded in the Audit Trail. 


  1. If you must abort a Sample Set that is in the "Paused for Alter Running Sample" state, you should resume the sample set and then use the Abort function.

  2. Instead of using Alter Running Sample to pause the Sample Set and then performing an Abort function, pause the Sample Set using the Pause function and then abort it. Using Abort on a paused Sample Set will then be recorded in the Audit Trail.


This has been fixed in Empower 3 SR3 as part of PCS-55434.

See SR3 Release Notes (716005266)

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