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Error 42: The operation is not allowed at this time, or with the GC in its current state using Empower - WKB1116

Article number: 1116


When running GC 7890B or 7890A  with Post Run selected in Oven tab of processing method, instrument failure occurs at the end of the injection before loading the next injection.


  • Empower
  • Agilent 7890B
  • Agilent 7890A


Post Run, when selected, causes the sample set to stop.


Deselect Post Run in Oven tab of Instrument Method.


  • Work-around: In order for a post run temperature program to take effect, you must add the program to the temperature ramps table and extend the run time appropriately.
  • The error 40: SubscribeToData was also reported where Post Run is in use.

  • This issue has also been reported with G1888A and 7890 configuration

Refer to PCS 54590 for 7890B and PCS 54944 for 7890A

See WKB62833 on Split injection technique

See WKB62831 on Splitless injection technique

See WKB62933 on PTV injection technique

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