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"Invalid injection volume" and "Instrument failure" errors with Agilent multidraw kit - WKB11169

Article number: 11169


  • Agilent G1329B autosampler with multidraw kit (larger seat capillary) installed and configured in the Instrument Configuration tab of the instrument method, allowing specification of higher injection volumes in the instrument method
  • When you try to edit the method, Empower prompts you to update the instrument method to the current instrument configuration
  • If you click "Yes", the instrument method reverts to the original instrument configuration with the standard seat capillary of 2.3 µL
  • If you click "No", the instrument method retains the updated configuration but gives an instrument failure error when you try to set up the method
  • When you enter the higher injection volume in the sample set method and attempt to start a run, you get an instrument failure error and an "Invalid injection volume" error in the Empower message center


  • Empower 3 SR2 HF2
  • Agilent ICF Support v2.1 HF1
  • Agilent G1329B autosampler with multidraw kit installed


PCS 50082: Incorrect seat volume for Agilent autosampler (ALS)

  • When you use the Empower instrument method editor to specify a seat volume for the Agilent autosampler (ALS), the seat volume is not configured properly. This results in an "Invalid Injection" error.


Use the Agilent handheld control module or Instant Pilot to change the seat volume as stated in the Installation Note for the Agilent Multidraw Upgrade Kit [link]:

Configuration of the Controller
Configuration of your controller is necessary to enable the multidraw mode. When setting a larger injection as the configured injection volume, the multidraw mode is
active. Multiples of the injection syringe volume are stored in the extended seat capillary prior to switching the injection valve.

Control Module Configuration
1. Press System > Configure and select the Autosampler from the pull-down menu.
2. Select the volume for your installed extended seat capillary from the Seat Capillary pull-down menu and press Done.

Instant Pilot
1. In the startup screen, select More > 1 Configure.
2. Select Autosampler and specify the Volume of the installed seat capillary and the Multiple Draw Wait time.


From the Empower Agilent ICF Sampler Help:

Max. injection volume
The maximum injection volume is dependent on the syringe and seat capillary volumes:

  • If seat capillary volume < syringe volume, then max. injection volume = syringe volume
  • If seat capillary volume ≥ syringe volume, then max. injection volume = syringe volume + seat capillary volume

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