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How do I configure the Email Center in Empower? - WKB10745

Article number: 10745


How to configure the Email Center in Empower for email notifications about messages in the message center.


  • Empower
  • Client server environment


  1. Configure the Waters Email Center on either a client computer or a server. The Email center uses an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), so you must identify the database that will send the email messages. 
  2. To configure the Email Center:
    1. In the Email Center Dialog Box (Start > All Programs > Empower > Manage Waters Email Center > Email Center Dialog Box), select the database you want to connect to, and from which outgoing email messages will be sent.
    2. Specify when the email server should look for new messages. This is where you can resend any email that failed to send.
    3. Type a password if desired
    4. Click OK.
  3. Restart Waters Email Service (Right-click My computer > Manage > Services and Applications > Services.)
  4. Log into Empower > Configure System. Then go to View > System Policies > Email Policies tab. You must configure this in order to determine which messages from the message center are sent to an email account.


The Waters Email Service should only be installed on one node in an enterprise environment, typically the server.

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