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What is the difference between AQT and SQT in Empower? - WKB10584

Article number: 10584


  • SQT
  • AQT
  • Empower
  • Qualification


 The difference reflects only a product name change.


Waters developed Advanced Qualification Technology (AQT), also known as ConnectionsAQT, a patented technology to deliver Advanced Compliance Services for enhanced data management in qualification testing of supported components, including software, analog-to-digital (A/D) interface devices, and integrated analytical systems.

In 2007, a new System Qualification Tool, SystemsQT, was introduced to support new products with Empower 2154 Feature Release 4. This product replaced the ConnectionsAQT for Alliance HPLC Systems and ConnectionsAQT for ACQUITY UPLC Systems.

Empower SystemsQT for Software Release Notes

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